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Australian Cattle Dog with water and forest in background.

Do Australian Cattle Dogs Shed Lots?

Australian Cattle Dogs (AKA Blue Heelers) are dogs of medium size that were bred in Australia to herd and drive cattle. They are highly intelligent, energetic and eager workers on the farm, as well as loyal family companions. Do they shed lots? Blue Heelers have a smooth double coat that sheds moderately, but the shedding

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Portuguese Water Dog laying down on a green table with blue sky in background.

Do Portuguese Water Dogs Shed? (Portie Shedding)

Portuguese Water Dogs are medium sized working dogs that were developed to help fisherman in Portugal in the 1930s. They excelled at tasks such as herding fish into nets, retrieving lost fishing equipment and sending messages between ships, and from ship to shore. These days, they’re best known as affectionate, trainable and eager to please

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Close up portrait of Brittany spaniel female dog standing in park.

Do Brittanys Shed Lots? (Shedding Guide)

Brittanys are versatile gundogs of medium size that originate from a region in France called Brittany. They are energetic, highly trainable, and make excellent hunting and sporting companions. Do they shed lots? Brittanys have dense (flat or wavy) coats of short-to-medium length that shed a moderate amount of fur. They’re fairly easy to groom, but

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Two rough Collies lying in the park.

Do Collies Shed a Lot? (Shedding Guide)

Collies are medium sized herding dogs that come in two varieties, rough and smooth, and both varieties are said to have originated from Scotland. They are known as loyal, intelligent and graceful dogs that make excellent family companions. Do they shed lots? Both rough and smooth varieties of Collie shed a moderate-to-high amount of fur

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White and brown Welsh Springer Spaniel in park.

Do Welsh Springer Spaniels Shed? (Welshie Shedding)

Welsh Springer Spaniels are a medium-sized dog that, like the English Springer Spaniel, was bred to locate and retrieve game birds. They’re also one of Britain’s oldest sporting dogs, and their lineage is said to date as far back as 7000 BC. They’re not very heavy shedders either. Welshies have a medium-length, waterproof coat that

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English springer spaniel sits in autumn forest. Beautiful brown and white dog hunter companion is waiting for the owners command.

Do English Springer Spaniels Shed a Lot?

English Springer Spaniels are gun dogs that were bred to detect, flush and retrieve game birds. They’re hard working, smart, obedient, and built for endurance, which makes them excellent hunting companions. But their playful, friendly nature makes them great family dogs, too. And yes, they do shed (but not a lot). English Springer Spaniels are

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