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10 Best Dog Washing Stations & Portable Dog Bath Tubs of 2023

All dogs need a good bath from time to time, especially if they enjoy spending time outdoors. Not only is bathing important for a dog’s hygiene, but it can help keep them smelling fresh.

But does that mean you need a full-fledged dog washing station?

Not necessarily.

It’s possible to bathe your dog using a regular bathtub, shower, or garden hose. However, a good dog washing station or grooming tub can help you do a better job in less time and with less mess. There are also numerous other benefits to using a proper tub, such as avoiding back strain/pain, making bath time more enjoyable for your dog, and potentially saving water.

So, with that said, which dog tubs are best?

Which tub is best really depends on what you’re looking for and we did a deep dive for you.

If you’re looking for the best all-around commercial dog washing station, then our top choice is Flying Pig’s 50″ stainless steel professional tub due to its high-quality construction, extensive features, and value for money.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a smaller, cheaper, and more portable dog grooming tub, there are better options, like the portable bathtubs from Booster Bath and Furesh, which are both among our top choices for non-commercial tubs.

I’ll go into more detail on each of our top picks and how we chose them shortly. But first, let’s discuss some of the most important features to consider before you buy. That way, you’ll have a better idea of what to look for when selecting a dog tub that suits your needs.

What to Consider Before Buying

In this section, we’ll discuss some of the key things to consider before buying a dog tub, which will give you some insight into what we looked at when choosing our top picks.

Type of Dog Bath

The first main thing to consider when choosing a dog washer is whether you want a full-fledged commercial dog washing station or a smaller, more portable dog bath tub.

The former is typically the best option for professional groomers, those with large and/or heavy-shedding dogs, and anyone who needs a more heavy-duty setup.

On the flip side, portable tubs are less expensive, better suited to lighter-duty situations, and ideal for those who need more flexibility in where the wash tub can be used.

Size of the Tub

Most commercial dog baths are around 40-50 inches long, 15-20 inches deep (plus another 20 inches or so for the side and back splash walls), and about 20-30 inches wide. And as for the portable tubs, they are generally much smaller.

How do you know which tub is best for your size dog?

The first thing to consider is how big your dog is, which this dog size guide can help with. And below, I’ll show you what the dimensions for each tub we’ve picked are. That way, all you need to do is make sure your dog isn’t too big for the tub.

You don’t have to get too technical about this, though.

In general, most commercial dog washing tubs are designed to suit dogs of virtually ANY size and weight, but they are particularly suited to medium-to-large dogs. Whereas smaller, more portable dog tubs are typically better suited to smaller, lighter dogs.

Your Budget

As you might expect, there’s a big difference in how much you’ll pay for a commercial dog washing station and a small portable dog grooming tub.

On the one hand, commercial dog tubs can vary widely (between $1,000 on the low end to $5,000 on the high end). However, there’s no need to pay anymore than $2,000 to $2,500 for a really high-quality commercial stainless steel dog bath with all the bells and whistles.

On the other hand, small portable washers are considerably cheaper. So if that’s all you need, you’ll typically be looking at anywhere from $100 to $200 for a decent tub.

There are some cheaper options out there, but the question is whether or not those will work as expected or fall apart after a few months, which could end up costing you more in the long run. This is especially true if you’re running a business and a faulty tub causes downtime.

Other Things to Consider

Aside from the points I just discussed, the following are some of the key things we considered when evaluating different dog washers and deciding on our top picks.

  • Indoor/outdoor use: Most of the dog tubs on this list can be used either inside or outside, but generally speaking, the commercial tubs are better suited to indoor use, given they are designed to be connected to your plumbing and drainage system. And while the smaller dog grooming tubs can be used inside, using them outdoors is often better, given they lack back and side splash walls, which help contain the dirt and dog hair.
  • Height adjustability: Every dog tub featured in this list (except one) comes with a stand, so you can wash your dog without having to bend over, which can minimize the chance of back pain. But some are also adjustable in different ways. For example, some feature an electric lift, while others have adjustable floor grates inside the tub that accommodate different size dogs.
  • Dog ramp: Aside from one tub with an electric lift, all of the commercial dog washers we’ve included have a dog ramp (or, in one case, stairs) that allow your dog to access the washer with ease, which can’t be said for the portable ones. So if you have trouble lifting your dog, consider getting a dog bathtub with a ramp.
  • Tub material: The most common material commercial dog washing stations use is stainless steel, which is strong and rust and corrosion resistant. In comparison, most portable washers are made of either polypropylene, PVC, or plastic. What’s best depends on your preference and the individual tub, but generally speaking, stainless steel is better and more popular for heavy-duty use.
  • Water drainage: We made sure all the dog tubs on the list come with proper drainage, so you can easily drain the water away when you’re done. And some come with the choice of a left- or right-hand side drain hole, a flexible hose, and a hair trap.
  • Non-slip mats: When you’re in the middle of a washing session, the last thing you want is for your dog to be slipping all over the place, and that’s where anti-slip mats or slip-resistant floor grates can come in handy.
  • Ease of setup: It’s one thing to choose a great dog washing tub, but it’s also important to choose one that’s easy to set up and comes with everything you need, including simple assembly instructions. Otherwise, you could end up spending more time and money than you bargained for getting it set up. As such, this was a key consideration with our picks.
  • Maintenance: When you’re finished cleaning Fido, the last thing you want to have to do is spend more time than is necessary cleaning the tub itself. After all, that’s one of the benefits of using a dog tub in the first place; to minimize clean-up. That’s why we selected tubs that are very easy to clean and take the minimum amount of effort to maintain.

As you can see, there are numerous factors to consider when choosing a dog tub. It’s not like you need to remember each one of these before making a decision, but these factors can make a big difference as to which setup is best for different situations. And ultimately, they can impact how happy you are with your purchase in the months and years ahead.

That’s why we took these factors into consideration when choosing our top picks to share on this page. All told, we researched dozens (and dozens) of dog washing stations to find the best ones for both commercial and home use, based on the factors we just discussed.

We also considered what others have said, looked at product user ratings, and took into account our own experience in using dog washing stations and tubs for our dogs. These picks address various folks from professionals to more casual owners just asking: ‘How can I reduce my dog’s shedding?’

So with that said, here’s a quick summary of our top picks:

Summary of Our Top 10 Picks of 2023 (Updated)

Our #1 Pick

1. Flying Pig 50″ Professional Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Bath Tub

Flying Pig’s 50″ professional dog washing station is our top overall pick due to its high-quality stainless steel construction, extensive features, and value for money. It also comes with a bunch of great accessories (tub faucet, sprayer, hoses, shampoo rack, and adjustable-height floor grates) and is easy to set up.

See full review.

2. PawBest Stainless Steel Dog Bath Tub

The 48″ PawBest stainless steel grooming tub is sturdy and shares similar features to our top pick, but it comes with a sliding door, heavy-duty plastic dog ramp, and anti-slip mat instead of adjustable inner grates. It’s also more affordable than our previous pick.

See full review.

Good Stainless Steel Alternative

Poly Pet Tubs dog wash tub.

3. Poly Pet Tubs 48″ Professional Dog Grooming Tub

Poly Pet Tubs commercial dog wash station is made from half-inch thick polyethylene instead of stainless steel. And while stainless is more popular, this is easily one of the best quality, strongest, and well-designed commercial dog grooming tubs on the market.

See full review.

Most Affordable Commercial Tub

4. VEVOR 50″ Stainless Steel Dog Bath

VEVOR’s 50-inch dog wash station features a one-piece stainless steel tub, sealed sliding door, and step ramp. There are some tradeoffs compared to our top pick, but this is a decent tub overall, shares many of the same features, and is the cheapest commercial option.

See full review.

Best Adjustable Height Dog Wash Station

5. Flying Pig Electric Lift Grooming Tub

This 50″ stainless steel grooming tub is almost identical to the Flying Pig dog tub we selected as our top pick in terms of features and quality. But it features an electric lift, which makes it ideal for professional groomers and those who want a tub with an adjustable height.

See full review.

6. Groomer’s Best Stainless Steel Walk-through Tub

The Groomer’s Best stainless steel wash tub is a durable, USA-made washer that features a sturdy non-slip ramp, 18-point harness system, and multiple configuration options. It’s not the cheapest option on the list, but in terms of quality, this tub is hard to beat.

See full review.

Best All-Around Small Grooming Bath Tub

7. Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bath (Large)

Booster Bath’s dog grooming tub is ideal for small-to-medium dogs and for outside bathing. It’s feature-packed, sturdy, and comes in multiple size and color variations. This tub is also (way) cheaper than our previous picks and is very easy to set up and use.

See full review.

Most Portable Dog Bath Tub

8. Furesh Elevated Portable Foldable Dog Bath Tub

The Furesh foldable dog bath is ideal for small-to-medium dogs, and its compact, lightweight, and easy to set up and pack up design makes it super portable. It also comes with a unique collapsible feet design that allows it to be used inside a regular bathtub.

See full review.

9. Flying Pig Portable Dog Bath Tub

Flying Pig’s portable grooming bathtub is not as feature-packed or portable as the last two picks, but it is very rugged in its design. This tub is made from heavy-duty plastic, stands on stainless steel legs, and has a higher load capacity than the other small tubs.

See full review.

10. ddLUCK Multi-Functional Collapsible Pet Bathtub

ddLUCK’s multi-functional bathtub is one of the simplest, smallest, and cheapest portable dog baths on the market. This tub lacks almost all of the features the other baths have and doesn’t have a stand, but it’s the cheapest option and is ideal for small dogs.

See full review.

Below, I’ll walk you through each of our top picks in more detail, starting with our top commercial dog washing station picks, then the smaller dog grooming tubs we liked.

Best Commercial Dog Washing Stations (Ideal for Professionals and Heavy Duty Usage)

In this section, we’ll focus on commercial dog washing stations. These are ideal if you’re a professional groomer or looking for a heavier-duty wash tub. Not only do these tubs come with the most features, but they are made from the highest-quality, most durable materials.

1. Flying Pig 50″ Professional Stainless Steel Dog Tub – Top Pick

Flying Pig’s professional grooming tub is our top dog washing station pick due to its quality construction, feature set, and value for money.

To start with, this 50-inch commercial tub is built with 304 stainless steel, which is durable, easy to maintain, and has excellent corrosion resistance. The design is also very sturdy and well built, so you know it’ll stand the test of time, even under heavy-duty commercial use.

As for its features, the washer tub sits 20 inches deep and has two removable floor grates that trap any loose fur that comes off when you wash (so your drain doesn’t get clogged up), and these can be adjusted to higher or lower levels to suit your dog’s size.

It also comes with a lockable, sealed door that keeps the water inside the tub when you’re washing. And 21.5-inch removable splash walls sit on top of the tub to keep all the mess contained. All up, this washer gives you 41.5 inches of containment along the back and sides, which is taller than an Irish Wolfhound (the tallest breed in the world).

Quick Overview

Type:Stationary tub
Brand:Flying Pig
Main material:Stainless steel
Tub length:50″
Tub width:27.75″
Tub depth:20″ (height with back and side splash walls is 41.5″)
Dog access:Stainless steel ramp
Door:Sealed (outward opening)
Grooming restraint:Removable overhead arm
Adjustable height:Yes (inner tub grates)
Accessories:Tub faucet and sprayer with hoses, two adjustable loops, drain kit with flexible hose and hair trap, shampoo rack

What else does it come with?

This tub also comes with a stainless steel removable overhead arm and two adjustable loops that attach to it, which you can use to tether your dog during bath time. And it comes with a bunch of accessories (tub faucet, sprayer, hoses, shampoo rack), which gives you added functionality and means you don’t have to worry about buying more stuff to get it working.

Speaking of which, installing this unit is a piece of cake. Not only does this unit come in a left- or right-hand side configuration (to suit different placements), but setting it up is very straightforward, even if you’ve never done it before.

That said, being a stationary commercial wash tub, there is more work involved in setting it up compared to a smaller, more portable washer. But that’s true for any commercial tub.

The other thing I wanted to highlight about this washer is that it represents great value for money compared to most washers out there. It’s not the absolute cheapest option, but considering the features, materials it’s made with, and quality construction – it’s very reasonable.


  • Well-thought-out design and features.
  • High-quality material and construction make this a sturdy, durable washer.
  • Comes with lots of useful accessories.
  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Comes in a right or left door configuration option.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Most customers have reported that they are very happy with this tub.


  • The dog ramp leading into the tub is not as anti-slip as it could be.
  • There are cheaper options.

2. PawBest Stainless Steel Dog Bath Tub

The PawBest stainless steel grooming tub comes with a 48-inch one-piece tub and sturdy base frame, which makes it a reliable choice for heavy-duty use.

This tub is similar to the Flying Pig I just discussed in its overall design and has some of the same features, but there are a handful of key differences.

  • Firstly, like the Flying Pig, the PawBest tub comes with a watertight bathtub door, but the door slides instead of opens, which may be better for tight spaces.
  • Second, the slide-away dog ramp is made of heavy-duty plastic (not stainless steel).
  • Third, this tub comes with an anti-slip mat instead of the (somewhat slip-resistant) adjustable grates found in the Flying Pig tub.
  • And fourth, it comes with an overhead grooming arm with two loops, but the stainless steel arm isn’t removable.

Quick Overview

Type:Stationary tub
Main material:Stainless steel
Tub length:48″
Tub width:27.25″
Tub depth:19.75″ (height with back and side splash walls is 41.25″)
Dog access:Heavy-duty plastic ramp
Door:Sealed (horizontal sliding)
Grooming restraint:Overhead arm
Adjustable height:No
Accessories:Anti-slip mat, 6″ faucet, sprayer, two adjustable loops, drain, hair trap

Overall, this is a very high-quality tub, and it has similar features to our top pick, except it’s more affordable. So if you’re looking for a commercial tub that’s up there with the best of ’em without spending as much, this may be the one you’ve been looking for.


  • High-quality stationary tub with similar features to our top pick.
  • Has a sliding door, which may be better than an outward opening door, depending on where you will be using it.
  • Comes with a non-slip tub mat.
  • More cost-effective than many other commercial-style dog wash stations.


  • The overhead grooming restraint arm isn’t removable.
  • The tub’s height isn’t adjustable.

3. Poly Pet Tubs 48″ Professional Dog Grooming Tub – Good Stainless Steel Alternative

This is easily one of the best quality, strongest, and well-designed commercial dog grooming tubs on the market, especially for the price range.

The unique thing about this tub is that instead of being made of stainless steel, it’s made of high-density, half-inch thick polyethylene. And while stainless is a lot more common, this is a great alternative for two main reasons.

First, it’s incredibly strong. And to prove it, the company released a video showing the tub being dropped off a 14-foot balcony with no noticeable damage. So, this tub is extremely strong, and unlike stainless steel, it won’t dent.

And second, while stainless steel typically doesn’t rust, it can rust around some of the welded corners over time, which is a problem that Poly Pet Tubs’ washer simply doesn’t have. This tub will never rust or corrode, and it’s stain and odor resistant.

Quick Overview

Type:Stationary tub
Brand:Poly Pet Tubs
Main material:Polyethylene
Tub length:48″
Tub width:24″
Tub depth:14″ (height with back and side splash walls is 40″)
Dog access:Choice of standard or hinged non-slip ramp
Door:Sealed (downward sliding)
Grooming restraint:Two restraint bars
Adjustable height:No
Accessories:Adjustable bathing tethers, non-slip rubber mats

In terms of features, this washer comes with thick non-slip rubber mats, two restraint bars that you can attach a leash to, and comes with several configuration options.

The first option is that you can choose if you want that dual drain holes on the left or right side. Another option is the ability to choose which faucet holes you want. And with the third option, you have four configuration options regarding the door and ramp.

  • No door and no ramp.
  • Door with no ramp.
  • Door with standard ramp (this is a detachable non-slip ramp that can double as a small dog platform inside the tub itself).
  • Door with hinged ramp (this ramp is permanently attached to the front of the tub and swings away underneath when not in use).

The cool thing about these options is that you can get added functionality if you’re willing to pay a bit extra or keep the setup simpler to reduce the price.

There is also an accessories package sold separately that comes with everything you need to hook this tub up to inlet and outlet plumbing. On the one hand, it’s good that you can choose to use your own fittings (for preference and/or cost reasons). But on the other hand, some of these types of fittings are included as standard in other commercial tubs we’ve listed.


  • Arguably stronger and more dent-resistant than a stainless steel tub.
  • Polyethylene will not rust in the corners (where the welds are), which is possible with some stainless tubs.
  • Unique non-slip dog ramp that comes in two configurations (standard or hinged).
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty.


  • The types of plumbing accessories that come standard with the previous tubs are sold separately with this one.

4. VEVOR 50″ Stainless Steel Dog Bath – Most Affordable Commercial Tub

VEVOR’s 50-inch dog wash station comes with a fully welded one-piece stainless steel tub, a sliding door (you can choose left or right configuration), and grooved step ramp access.

It also comes with a three-setting sprayer, a non-skid detachable floor grate, and an overhead restraint arm, along with numerous accessories.

What’s good about it?

On the plus side, this tub comes with many similar features to our other top picks, and the overall quality is decent. But where it really shines is the price – this tub costs almost half as much as some of the picks I mentioned earlier and is the cheapest commercial tub on our list.

What are the drawbacks?

The biggest drawback with this tub has to do with the quality of the fittings. Numerous customers have reported that the plumbing accessories it comes with were inadequate, and some have said that the assembly instructions were missing, which made it difficult to set up.

Quick Overview

Type:Stationary tub
Main material:Stainless steel
Tub length:49″
Tub width:25″
Tub depth:19″ (height with back and side splash walls is 40.5″)
Dog access:Stainless steel step ramp
Door:Sealed (horizontal sliding)
Grooming restraint:Overhead restraint arm
Adjustable height:Yes (detachable non-skid floor grate)
Accessories:Sprayer, faucet with two hoses, stainless steel outlet pipe, two restraint loops, drain filter for hair

Considering the price, however, this is arguably the best budget commercial tub, so it may be worth a try if you want to keep your costs as low as possible without sacrificing too many features or stepping down to one of the portable tubs we’ll discuss shortly.


  • Comes with most of the same/similar features as the top commercial tubs.
  • This is the cheapest commercial dog washing station on our list.


  • Some have reported issues with the plumbing fittings and assembly instructions.

5. Flying Pig Electric Lift Grooming Tub – Best Adjustable Height Dog Wash Station

This 50″ stainless steel grooming tub is almost identical to the Flying Pig tub we’ve chosen as our top pick in terms of its overall features and quality. But this one features an electric lift, which makes it ideal for professional groomers and those who want a tub with an adjustable height.

How does it work? The idea is that, instead of walking up a ramp, your dog can walk straight into this tub while it’s at the ground position. And from there, you can move the tub up and down to anywhere within a 32″ to 46″ range using the foot pedals.

Not only can this help save you from back pain over extended periods, but it can hold dogs that weigh up to 220 pounds, which makes it suitable for virtually any dog. And to top it off, it comes with adjustable floor grates that give you even more height adjustment inside the tub.

Quick Overview

Type:Stationary tub
Brand:Flying Pig
Main material:Stainless steel
Tub length:50″
Tub width:26″
Tub depth:20″ (height with back and side splash walls is 41.5″)
Dog access:Stainless steel ramp
Door:Sealed (outward opening)
Grooming restraint:Removable overhead arm
Adjustable height:Yes (electric lifting range of 32″ to 46″ and adjustable floor grates)
Accessories:Tub faucet, sprayer, hoses, two adjustable loops, drain kit with flexible hose, hair trap, shampoo rack

The main drawback to this, compared to the other Flying Pig tub we discussed, is that this one costs a bit more upfront and, given the electric lift, will add to your electricity bill.

However, if you plan on bathing a lot of dogs, the relatively small extra cost could be well worth it in the long run, especially if your goal is to avoid back strain.


  • This is virtually the same as our top dog washing station pick but features an electric lift, which is ideal for professional groomers and anyone wanting the best adjustable height dog tub.


  • Costs more than the non-electric lift version and may add to your electricity bill.

6. Groomer’s Best Stainless Steel Walk-through Tub

The Groomer’s Best stainless steel tub is made in the USA and features a sturdy non-slip ramp and unique harness system that allows you to tether your dog using 18 different locking positions to suit virtually any size dog.

Aside from the ramp and harness system, the main standout features of this tub are its overall quality stainless steel construction and configuration options.

On the first point, the company states that its manufacturing process provides a “double layer of protection,” which helps ensure it won’t leak or rust. And to back that up, the company provides a three-year warranty with this tub.

And on the second point, this tub comes in three sizes (36″, 48″, and 58″) and four combinations of drainage, inlet ports, and door configurations. So it’s highly customizable to suit different preferences and installation requirements.

Quick Overview

Type:Stationary tub
Brand:Groomer’s Best
Main material:Stainless steel
Tub length:48″
Tub width:24″
Tub depth:15″ (height with back and side splash walls is 37″)
Dog access:Non-slip stainless steel ramp
Grooming restraint:18-position harness system
Adjustable height:No
Accessories:Sold separately

Like the other commercial tub sold by Pet Pro Supply that we listed earlier (the one from Poly Pet Tubs), the accessories for this are sold separately, which gives you the choice of using your own plumbing fixtures or (optionally) buying the accessories kit this company supplies.


  • High-quality, durable commercial wash station.
  • Customizable to suit different preferences and installation requirements.
  • Unique 18-point grooming harness system.


  • Not the cheapest option and accessories are sold separately.

Best Portable Dog Grooming Bath Tubs (Smaller, Cheaper, & More Portable Than Commercial Tubs)

The dog grooming baths I’ll focus on from here on out are smaller, simpler, and less expensive than the previous dog washing stations we just discussed.

But they work surprisingly well considering, and these could be a better option if you’re looking to save money, want a more portable tub, or simply don’t need a heavy-duty commercial setup.

7. Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bath (Large) – Best All-Around Small Grooming Bath Tub

Booster Bath’s large dog grooming bath is smaller and more portable overall compared to our commercial tub picks, but at 45″ long, the tub itself is actually pretty large.

The difference, well… one of the differences, is that this tub doesn’t have extended splash walls. So if you choose to use this tub inside, things could get messy! The good news, however, is that it’s made from UV-stabilized polypropylene, so it’s ideal for outdoor use.

And as with the other grooming tubs on the list, it couldn’t be easier to set this thing up. The tub itself “snaps” together in two pieces, and the legs simply lock into place.

It also comes with an adjustable fan nozzle attachment for your hose to help with rinsing, a 5″ drain hose that connects to the drain at the bottom of the tub, an adjustable 3-point restraint system, a restrain collar to help you keep your dog in place, a shampoo caddy, and a non-slip rubber mat. All in all, it’s surprisingly feature-packed for a portable dog bath.

Quick Overview

Type:Portable tub
Brand:Booster Bath
Main material:UV stabilized polypropylene
Tub length:45″
Tub width:21.25″
Tub depth:15″
Grooming restraint:Adjustable 3-point restraint system
Load capacity:90 lbs
Accessories:5″ drain hose, removable collar, rubberized non-slip mat, shampoo caddy, fan nozzle for hose

What are the main pros and cons?

On the plus side, this tub is cheap, very easy to set up, comes with everything you need to start bathing your dog (except for dog shampoo), and it’s made in the USA. Not to mention, it’s light and portable enough to be used pretty much anywhere there’s a hose.

The main drawbacks are that, compared to the commercial tubs we’ve listed, it lacks some of the features and is not as heavy-duty. Also, since it’s designed to work with a regular garden hose, it doesn’t hold water (the front is open), and most people will be using it outside; it almost acts as a glorified version of washing your dog under the hose (which is free).

The last thing I want to point out about this tub is that it comes in three size variations (medium, large, and XL), which each have different weight capacities. The medium has a dog weight limit of 75 pounds, the large has a 90-pound capacity, and the large has a 175-pound limit.


  • One of the larger, more sturdy portable dog tubs on the market.
  • Comes with numerous features and accessories.
  • Three color variations and three size/weight variations to suit different dogs.
  • Very easy to set up, the tub itself and legs “snap” into place.
  • Open front access makes it easier for your dog to enter and exit the bath.


  • Given the open entry design, this tub doesn’t hold water like a regular bath. As such, it’s most suited to use with a hose outside, which could be too cold depending on where you’re located and/or when you bathe your dog.

8. Furesh Elevated Portable Foldable Dog Bath Tub – Most Portable Dog Bath Tub

The Furesh foldable dog bath is ideal for small-to-medium dogs that weigh up to 40 pounds and is arguably the most portable dog tub on our list. What’s more, this tub stands at around 33 inches tall, so you shouldn’t have to bend over when bathing your pooch.

Other features include a stretchable drain hose that attaches to the tub, two side pockets to store your shampoo and grooming tools, and an easy fold/unfold mechanism.

As you might expect, this is not the heaviest-duty tub on the market (by a long shot), but the basin is made of marine-grade PVC, and the frame features stainless aluminum tubing. So not only will this tub get the job done inside or outside, but it’s portable and lightweight enough to take virtually anywhere. And unlike the last tub we discussed, you can fill this tub up and use it like an actual bath, given its fully-sealed design.

Quick Overview

Type:Portable tub
Main material:Marine grade PVC (basin) and aluminum frame
Tub length:33″
Tub width:17.8″
Tub depth:11.5″
Grooming restraint:3-point leash restraint
Load capacity:130 lbs (with water)
Accessories:Adjustable collar, flexible drain hose with stopper, two side pockets


  • This tub is lightweight and easy to set up and pack up, which makes it one of the most portable dog tubs on the market.
  • Boasts several features, including a grooming restraint, drain hose, and side pockets to put your shampoo and grooming tools in.
  • Has a unique collapsible feet design that allows the tub to be used outside or inside a bathtub.


  • Not ideal for larger dogs or heavy-duty use.

9. Flying Pig Portable Dog Bath Tub

I try to avoid listing the same brand more than once or twice, but this portable tub is better than the last two grooming tubs in some ways, so I had to include it.

In short, this tub features a 37.5-inch long basin made from heavy-duty plastic and has stainless steel legs that see it stand about 35 inches tall. It also comes with three hooks that you can attach a lead to, built-in shampoo and grooming tool holders, and a drain on one side.

How does it compare to the last two tubs?

This Flying Pig tub lacks some of the features and accessories of Booster Bath’s tub, but it is a completely sealed bathtub, which some may prefer. And compared to the Furesh tub we just discussed, it’s not as portable, but it’s a heavier-duty tub overall and has a higher overall load capacity. So while it lacks some of the features of the last two picks, it’s easily the heaviest-duty fully-sealed grooming tub out of the smaller, more portable options.

Quick Overview

Type:Portable tub
Brand:Flying Pig
Main material:Heavy duty plastic
Tub length:37.5″
Tub width:19.5″
Tub depth:11.5″
Grooming restraint:Ring hooks
Load capacity:150 lbs (with water)
Accessories:Built-in shampoo and grooming tool holders


  • Very durable, sturdy design.
  • Comes with built-in shampoo and grooming tool holders.
  • Highest load capacity of the smaller, more portable grooming tubs.


  • Lacks some features.
  • Not very portable.

10. ddLUCK Multi-Functional Collapsible Pet Bathtub

Last on the list is the simplest, smallest, and cheapest portable dog tub of all. It’s made by ddLUCK and is ideal for small dogs that weigh up to 33 lbs.

The tub’s basin is around 16 inches in length, is made from polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic rubber (TPR), and features a drain plug in the middle. It’s also collapsible, which makes it one of the most lightweight, portable options on the list without a stand.

On the one hand, this tub lacks almost all of the features that the other dog grooming baths have, but it is (well and truly) the cheapest option of all. And it can be used for numerous other purposes like as a laundry basket or storage container, which makes it very versatile.

I wouldn’t recommend this for anything other than small dogs (like Toy breeds), and it doesn’t come with a stand. But if you’re looking for an affordable tub for small dogs, this could work.

Quick Overview

Type:Portable tub
Main material:PP and TPR material
Tub length:16.1″
Tub width:8.3″
Tub depth:11″
Grooming restraint:No
Load capacity:Not specified, but recommended for dogs under 33 lbs


  • Ideal for small dogs, light use, and those who don’t need a stand.
  • It’s multi-functional, so can be used for purposes other than bathing your dog.
  • The cheapest portable tub on the list.


  • Lacks virtually all of the features that the other tubs on the list have.
  • Doesn’t come with a stand.

Do You Need a Commercial Dog Washing Station, or Will a Smaller Grooming Tub Suffice?

In reality, you may not need to buy anything to bathe your dog. Some people use a regular bathtub (or laundry tub) for small-to-medium-sized dogs, while others use a shower or garden hose. And these are essentially free options.

However, there are benefits to using a dog bath in general, regardless of what type it is. And there are some specific reasons why using either a full-fledged commercial dog washing station or a simpler, smaller dog grooming bath tub can work best, depending on your circumstances.

Here are some reasons to use a dog bathtub (in general):

  • A good dog bathtub should help you do a better overall job of washing your dog and can help you get the job done in less time than you otherwise would have.
  • Using a proper dog tub can save you from having to clean up a lot of mess compared to using your own bath, laundry tub, or shower. It can also be less damaging to your lawn and garden, depending on where you wash your dog.
  • Most dog washers are designed to conserve water, which means potentially lower water bills and even lower electric bills if you use tank water powered by an electric pump. That said, how much water or energy you save will depend on the dog bath you use, how frequently you use it, and what your situation is at home.
  • Using tap water from a garden hose might work well in summer or year-round in some parts of the world. But if it’s cold outside and you bathe your dog with a hose, that could be a very unpleasant experience for your dog. Ideally, it’s best to use lukewarm water, and most dog tubs are designed to facilitate this in one way or another.
  • Almost all good dog tubs come with some type of grooming restraint so that you can tether your dog during bath time. This can be especially useful if you’re a groomer dealing with dogs that aren’t familiar with you and that may be feeling anxious.

When is a commercial dog wash station the best choice?

  • Commercial tubs come with a full suite of features that not only make grooming your dog easier but can help you save time, especially if you’re bathing dogs regularly.
  • There is some work involved in setting up a commercial tub initially, but once that’s done, unlike a portable tub, you don’t need to set it up and pack it up each time you use it.
  • Commercial tubs are designed to be a lot more durable and can therefore last you a lot longer than cheaper, lighter-duty options.
  • These tubs will typically contain a lot more mess than most portable options, given they come with back and side splash walls.
  • Unlike portable tubs, commercial tubs are designed to integrate into your home’s plumbing system. This means they can utilize lukewarm water, which is better for your dog, and when you’re done, that water simply goes down the drain.
  • Commercial dog bath stations almost always have better grooming restraint systems that are more suitable for larger, stronger dogs.

When is a smaller dog grooming tub the best choice?

  • Smaller non-commercial dog grooming tubs are better for those who don’t need such a heavy-duty setup or those who do not want as many features.
  • You can typically bath smaller dogs using commercial tubs, especially if they have adjustable grates and the like, but smaller tubs are generally better for smaller dogs. At the very least, small dogs are less likely to need to be bathed in a big commercial-style tub.
  • Dog grooming tubs are WAY cheaper than commercial tubs. In some cases, they are less than 1/10th of the price or more.
  • Most non-commercial dog tubs are at least somewhat portable, and some are specifically designed to make them easy to travel with. So these can be more suitable if you prefer to bathe your dog outside or want a tub you can take away with you on vacation.

What if you don’t want to spend the money on a dog bath?

In that case, there are some pretty cool DIY home dog wash tub ideas out there. I doubt most of them would rival a professional setup, but hey… some of them might just work and could be fun to build! So if you like building stuff and want to save some cash, there are DIY options.

Quick Tips on Bathing Your Dog Effectively

Bathing a dog can be challenging (and even unpleasant) if you’re not prepared or don’t know how to go about it. But done correctly, bath time can be an enjoyable, rewarding experience for both you and your dog. So with that said, here are some quick tips you might find helpful:

  • Set up your tub: Some tubs are easier to set up than others, and some commercial tubs may require a plumber to install everything. But whatever the case may be, the first step in bathing your dog is to set up the tub that you plan on bathing him with.
  • Get what you need: Next, consider what shampoo and grooming tools you’ll need. It’s always best to use a proper dog shampoo when bathing to avoid skin irritation, and it’s a good idea to have a towel and dog brush on hand for when the job is done.
  • Bath your dog: Bathing is pretty straightforward. Start by wetting your dog’s coat with lukewarm water, then lather the coat with a small amount of dog shampoo, and finally, rinse the coat to remove all the soap, dirt, and loose fur. For optimal results, you could also use a rubber hand mitt to gently massage your dog’s coat while bathing.
  • Dry your dog: Once your dog is clean, it’s time to dry the coat. And while you can use a regular towel, a specially designed dog fur blower can be a much better solution, especially if your dog is a heavy shedder. This is because, unlike towels, these don’t pull on your dog’s fur, and they can remove a lot of loose fur after bathing. Just be sure that whatever dryer you use, the temperature is set to an appropriate level (i.e., not too hot or cold).
  • Clean up: Now that your dog is clean and dry, all that’s left to do is to give him a treat for being such a good sport and rinse out your tub!

As for how often you should bathe your dog, it’s generally recommended to do it once a month, but it depends on how dirty their coat is. And if you want more tips, check out this post on dailypaws.com, as it goes into more detail on how to properly bathe a dog.


Choosing a good dog grooming bath is no small decision, especially if you’re considering getting a commercial one, so I hope this post helps you make a more informed choice.

We’d love to hear your experience with dog baths, too, whether it’s one on this list or not. So if you feel like sharing your thoughts on any of this, feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading, and happy bathing!

10 Best Dog Washing Stations & Portable Dog Bath Tubs of 2023

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