Welcome to Stop My Dog Shedding!

Let’s face it… you love your dog, but the shedding is driving you crazy.

You probably spend more time than you care to admit, vacuuming dog hair out of your carpet that’s so well stuck it’s almost part of it. Within minutes of finishing the job, you look in horror as tumble weaves float through your home without a care in the world.

Not to mention, you cover your upholstery like you’re preserving it for future generations…

Jokes aside, the reality of this problem is enough to make you want to tear YOUR hair out.

Much like you, we’re crazy about our furry family members, but a clean home is also super important. The question is, can you really live in a hair free zone with a hair shedding pooch running around? Yes. It can be done.

That said, it can be quite a struggle to find genuine product reviews, resources and insights into solving this problem once and for all. As in, which products are really worth the cash and what approach is best for you and your dog? This site was created to answer just that.

We’ve tried just about every brush, shampoo and so called ‘supplement’ out there, and share what we’ve learned here to help you win the battle against dog shedding in your home.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you find this site useful!