Do Teacup Maltese Dogs Shed? (Here’s What You Need to Know)

Small Maltese dog sitting in the garden surrounded by yellow flowers.

The only thing cuter than a regular-sized Maltese is a Teacup Maltese, a tiny canine companion that reaches sizes of about six or eight inches tall. This almost-handheld dog could win over any heart with its charm. But how much do they shed? Teacup Maltese dogs, like their full-sized Maltese brethren, are incredibly low-shedding. The … Read more

Do Patterdale Terriers Shed? What You Need to Know

Patterdale Terrier laying outside on a picnic blanket with trees and blue sky in the background.

The Patterdale Terrier is a mid-sized canine that’s bred from the Northern Terriers of the 18th century. This dog is known for its energy, prey drive, work ethic, and braveness. How much does a dog like the Patterdale Terrier shed? The Patterdale Terrier can be low-shedding to high-shedding depending on whether the dog has a … Read more

Do Maltipoos Shed? (Low-Shedding, but High Maintenance)

Maltese and Poodle mix (Maltipoo) dog running and jumping happily outside.

The Maltipoo is a tiny designer dog breed that’s a cross between a Miniature Poodle and a Maltese. Beloved for its handheld status and undeniably adorable looks, you might have your eye on a Maltipoo. But do they shed much? Maltipoos, given their lineage, are incredibly low-shedding. However, the dog’s often curly coat is difficult … Read more

Do Mini Aussiedoodles Shed? (What You Need to Know)

Aussiedoodle running and playing outside on the grass.

Aussiedoodles are a cross between an Australian Shepherd (Aussie) and Poodle. Aussies, despite their name, are an American-born breed known for their hardworking nature and herding ability, such that they’ve even been dubbed the cowboy’s herding dog of choice. Whereas Poodles, the national dog of France, were originally developed to hunt waterfowl (like ducks) and … Read more

Do Goldendoodles Shed? (Yes, and Here’s What to Expect)

Goldendoodle Dog laying on the bed.

The intelligent, athletic, and loyal Goldendoodle is a cross between a Standard Poodle and Golden Retriever, which both have very different shedding traits. On the one hand, Poodles shed so little that they are often referred to as “non-shedding.” And on the other hand, Golden Retrievers are considered moderate-to-heavy shedders. Where does that leave the … Read more