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Girl sitting on sofa with fluffy dog at home.

18 Fluffy Dogs That Don’t Shed Much

Even though they usually require more coat maintenance, you can’t help but adore the look of a cute, huggable, fluffy dog. But, of course, you’d prefer that your fuzzy four-legged friend not be a heavy shedder, so you don’t have to follow them around with a vacuum cleaner. Which dog breeds are both fluffy and

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Kerry Blue Terrier dog standing in the forest.

Do Kerry Blue Terriers Shed? (Shedding & Grooming Guide)

The Kerry Blue Terrier or Irish Blue Terrier is a mid-sized dog from Ireland bred to hunt creatures like hares and foxes. Between its unique breed standards, appealing blue coat, and untiring loyalty, there is much to love about this Terrier breed. Exactly how much does the Kerry Blue Terrier shed? The Kerry Blue Terrier

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Hunting dog standing in a grassy field.

10 Low-Shedding Dogs That Are Natural Born Hunters

Hunting dogs do more than track down vermin. They’re also excellent at sniffing tracks, crossing expansive terrain, and pointing and retrieving. You’d love to adopt a hunting dog that’s ideally low-shedding as well. Which hunting dogs shed little? Here’s the list:PointerGlen of Imaal TerrierPudelpointerGerman Shorthaired PointerWirehaired Pointing GriffonAiredale TerrierIrish Water SpanielAmerican Water SpanielVizslaBedlington TerrierIn this guide,

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White Bedlington Terrier dog standing outside on a sunny day.

Do Bedlington Terriers Shed? (What To Expect)

The Bedlington Terrier is a mid-sized breed from North East England with origins as a hunting dog. With its frolicking, vivid personality, and unique looks, you might be interested in owning one of these dogs. Yet how much does a Bedlington Terrier shed? Bedlington Terriers are low-shedding dogs with a short coat that’s soft yet

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Relaxed dog sitting on couch with paw on television remote.

16 Low-Shedding Dogs That Don’t Need Lots of Exercise

Finding a low-shedding dog is great but coming across a breed that also doesn’t require an hour of daily exercise is like hitting the jackpot. You two can spend lazy weekend mornings in bed or weeknight evenings binging Netflix together.What kind of dogs are both low-shedding and low-exercise? Here’s the list:Shih TzuChihuahuaHavaneseAffenpinscherBulldogJapanese ChinMalteseYorkshire TerrierBichon FriseFrench

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Glen of Imaal Terrier on the green grass.

Do Glen of Imaal Terriers Shed?

The Glen of Imaal Terrier is a mid-sized Irish Terrier that hunted vermin such as otters, badgers, foxes, and rats. Its sweet personality combined with its scruffy appearance and short legs makes this dog an irresistibly cute breed. Does the Glen of Imaal Terrier shed much? Glen of Imaal Terriers are low shedders despite their

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