Author: Nicole M

7 Low-Shedding Dogs Between 30-40 Pounds

Small dogs are more than just adorable (although they are very much that), but manageable as well. You could easily pick them up and carry them anywhere. If your ideal dog is between 30 and 40 pounds and low-shedding, what are your options? Here’s the list:Kerry Blue TerrierGlen of Imaal TerrierStandard SchnauzerAmerican Water SpanielWhippetSoft Coated Wheaten TerrierTibetan

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German Pinscher dog posing outdoors in autumn.

Do German Pinschers Shed? (German Pin Shedding Guide)

The German Pinscher, which was once called the Deutscher Pinscher, is a mid-sized German dog with a coat in colors such as fawn, red, tan, blue, rust, or black. If the German Pinscher has caught your eye, you might be interested in taking this dog home. Are German Pinschers heavy shedders? German Pinschers shed moderately,

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15 Low-Maintenance Dogs That Aren’t Heavy Shedders

Do you always feel like you’re short on time? If so, then you’re probably looking for a canine companion that doesn’t require hours of brushing and careful trimming to keep them looking good. You also don’t want to clean up tufts of dog hair. Which dogs are low-maintenance and low-shedding? Here’s the list:VizslaMiniature PinscherPapillonCane CorsoPudelpointerCorgipooBoston TerrierItalian GreyhoundWhippetSalukiBasenjiRhodesian

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Closeup of Cockapoo dog breed outside on green grass.

Do Cockapoos Shed Much? (Shedding and Grooming Guide)

The Cockapoo is a cross between a Miniature Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel bred for companion purposes. This small-to-mid-sized dog with its sleek, often golden-brown coat wins over the hearts of many. Do they shed much? Cockapoos should shed moderately if their Cocker Spaniel side has more dominant genes, especially during seasonal shifts. However, for

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German Shepherd in the backyard.

6 Protective Dogs That Don’t Shed

Are you looking for a guard dog who can keep a close eye on your property and your family? It’d also be great if that dog was low-shedding too, right? You’re probably wondering, where do you find such a canine? Well, I’ve done the research for you, and here’s a list of six low shedding, protective

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Pomsky dog breed

Do Pomskies Shed Lots? (Pomsky Dog Shedding Guide)

Pomskies are Husky and Pomeranian crossbreeds that were created as designer dogs. With their adorable, large eyes and unique fur coloration, you might want to bring home a Pomsky too. Just how much does the Pomsky shed? Pomsky dogs are heavy shedders like their parents, the Pomeranian and Husky. This includes regular shedding throughout the

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