Do Goldadors Shed? (Lab/Golden Cross Shedding Guide)

Goldador mixed breed dog standing outside.

The Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever are considered two of the most beloved dog breeds, and when you combine them, you get the Goldador. This big dog has an equally big and loving heart to match. Yet how much do they shed? The Goldador is a consistent shedder, which is in line with both its … Read more

Do Borzois Shed? (Complete Shedding and Grooming Guide!)

Portrait of Borzoi dog laying amongst the autumn leaves.

Nicknamed the Russian Hunting Sighthound, the Borzoi is a large dog with a silky, curly coat. You might be interested in adopting this unique dog breed, but not before knowing how much hair cleanup a Borzoi requires. Do Borzois shed a lot? Borzois are considered moderate to heavy shedders. They undergo seasonal coat drops in … Read more

Do Pomskies Shed Lots? (Pomsky Dog Shedding Guide)

Pomsky dog breed

Pomskies are Husky and Pomeranian crossbreeds that were created as designer dogs. With their adorable, large eyes and unique fur coloration, you might want to bring home a Pomsky too. Just how much does the Pomsky shed? Pomsky dogs are heavy shedders like their parents, the Pomeranian and Husky. This includes regular shedding throughout the … Read more

Do Pitbulls Shed? (Pit Bull Shedding Guide)

Yellow Pit Bull terrier dog lying on the grass

If you’re considering adopting a Pitty and want to know whether or not he’s likely to fill your home with hair, you’re in the right place. The short answer is yes, they do shed! However, Pitbulls are NOT an individual breed of dog. The name “Pit Bull” is actually used to describe a type of … Read more

Do Rottweilers Shed? (Rottie Shedding Guide)

Beautiful portrait of a Rottweiler during spring standing in a green park.

Rottweilers are loyal, hard working, courageous dogs. And while some may find them intimidating, they’re actually among the sweetest, most loving family companions in dogdom. Do they shed lots? Rotties have a dense, medium-length double coat that sheds moderately throughout most of the year, but you may notice an increase in shedding during spring and … Read more

Do Norwegian Elkhounds Shed Lots?

Norwegian Elkhound at dog show

Norwegian Elkhounds are an ancient dog breed that, according to the AKC, were developed thousands of years ago as elk hunters, herders, guarders, and as shipmates for vikings. They’re known as strong, intelligent, fearless hunters, as well as loyal companions. They do shed, quite a bit, though. Norwegian Elkhounds have a thick double coat that … Read more