13 Ways To Stop Your Dog Shedding Excessively

Three healthy, happy looking dogs walking in the yard together.

Virtually all dogs shed, and in most cases, it’s perfectly normal. It’s also not something you can completely “stop” either. Your dog needs to shed his old hair so that the new hair can take its place, which is all part of the natural hair growth cycle. However, there are some really effective ways to … Read more

Does Olive Oil Reduce Dog Shedding?

Olive Oil Being Poured Into Bowl

Olive oil is commonly used for cooking and making salad dressings. But some people even use it a natural home remedy to reduce shedding in dogs. Does it work? Yes, olive oil can reduce excessive dog shedding. Because it’s a healthy fat that contains Omega-3 and Omega-6, which help moisturize and nourish your dog’s skin … Read more

Does Coconut Oil Really Help With Dog Shedding?

Does Coconut Oil Really Help With Dog Shedding

Chances are you’ve heard people talking about how amazing coconut oil is for your dog. And how it can even reduce excessive shedding. But is this really the case, or is it just another myth? Here’s what you need to know… Please note: Coconut oil is generally considered to be safe for dogs, but it’s … Read more

Dog Coat Types & How They Shed Differently

Many different types of dogs sitting next to each other on the grass.

Your dog is unique, and so is his coat.

Some coats require a good chunk of time and money to maintain and shed quite a bit, while others require little more than a quick brush over your morning coffee, and shed almost zero hair.

Understanding the key differences among dog coat types can make a huge impact on your decisions when it comes to grooming and choosing the right pup for you, but finding the right information is no easy task either!

We decided to break it down for you, and show you exactly what you need to know about canine coats when it comes to shedding and grooming.