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Miniature American Shepherd puppy outside.

Do Miniature American Shepherds Shed?

Miniature American Shepherds are small herding dogs that are known for their intelligence, loyalty and hard working nature, much like the Australian Shepherd from which they originate. How much do they shed? Miniature American Shepherds have a medium-length double coat that sheds a moderate-to-high amount year round, and even heavier during shedding season in spring

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Bearded Collie playing in water.

Do Bearded Collies Shed? (Beardie Shedding Guide)

Bearded Collies are Scottish herding dogs that make excellent workers and affectionate family companions alike. They are enthusiastic, smart, and full of energy. Do they shed much? Bearded Collies have a long double coat that sheds a moderate amount of hair throughout most of the year, but considerably more once or twice per year as

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Welsh Corgi Cardigan puppy dog outside with tail wagging.

Do Cardigan Welsh Corgis Shed Much?

Cardigan Welsh Corgis (AKA Cardis or Cardigans) were named after their historic home county of Cardiganshire, Wales. He is one of only two types of Corgi, the other is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and was bred to herd cattle and sheep. What about shedding? Cardigan Welsh Corgis are a high shedding breed. They have a

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Happy looking Pembroke Welsh Corgi standing outside on grass.

Do Pembroke Welsh Corgis Shed Much?

Pembrokes originate from a county called Pembrokeshire in Wales where, hundreds of years ago, they were bred to herd cattle and sheep. They’ve gone on to become the prized companions of British royalty, as well as popular family dogs the world over. How much do they shed? Pembroke Welsh Corgis are a heavy shedding breed.

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An old English Sheepdog at the park

Do Old English Sheepdogs Shed? (OES Shedding Guide)

Old English Sheepdogs are large, gentle bear-like dogs that originates from England, where they were mostly used to drove cattle over long, dusty country roads in the late 18th century. Do they shed much? Old English Sheepdogs shed a moderate to heavy amount of hair year round, and they have a thick double coat that

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Swedish Vallhund dog breed with no feet on the ground chasing a lure in a race.

Do Swedish Vallhunds Shed? (Shedding Guide)

The Swedish Vallhund is a herding dog that originates from Sweden, where it was bred to herd cattle and other livestock for farmers. They’re known for being energetic, curious and loyal. Do they shed much? Yes, Swedish Vallhunds are a heavy shedding breed with a thick double coat. They shed year round but will lose

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