Belgian Malinois Shedding (What to Expect)

Happy young Belgian Malinoi dog with a chain collar staying outdoors on a green grass in summer.

Belgian Malinois are smart, hardworking dogs that were originally bred to herd sheep in Belgium. These days, however, they share a similar calling to the German Shepherd given they make tough K-9s, versatile working dogs, and loyal companions that stand by your side through thick and thin. How much do they shed? Belgian Malinois are … Read more

Do Collies Shed a Lot? (Shedding Guide)

Two rough Collies lying in the park.

Collies are medium sized herding dogs that come in two varieties, rough and smooth, and both varieties are said to have originated from Scotland. They are known as loyal, intelligent and graceful dogs that make excellent family companions. Do they shed lots? Both rough and smooth varieties of Collie shed a moderate-to-high amount of fur … Read more

Do German Shepherds Shed? (Yes, But You Can Control It)

Portrait of a German Shepherd laying on green grass with trees in background.

German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) are large working dogs that were originally bred in Germany to herd flocks of sheep, and they’ve since become one of the most popular dogs in the U.S. It’s not hard to see why, either. GSDs are known to excel at virtually any task requiring a high level of obedience and … Read more

Do Miniature American Shepherds Shed?

Miniature American Shepherd puppy outside.

Miniature American Shepherds are small herding dogs that are known for their intelligence, loyalty and hard working nature, much like the Australian Shepherd from which they originate. How much do they shed? Miniature American Shepherds have a medium-length double coat that sheds a moderate-to-high amount year round, and even heavier during shedding season in spring … Read more

Do Bearded Collies Shed? (Beardie Shedding Guide)

Bearded Collie playing in water.

Bearded Collies are Scottish herding dogs that make excellent workers and affectionate family companions alike. They are enthusiastic, smart, and full of energy. Do they shed much? Bearded Collies have a long double coat that sheds a moderate amount of hair throughout most of the year, but considerably more once or twice per year as … Read more

Do Cardigan Welsh Corgis Shed Much?

Welsh Corgi Cardigan puppy dog outside with tail wagging.

Cardigan Welsh Corgis (AKA Cardis or Cardigans) were named after their historic home county of Cardiganshire, Wales. He is one of only two types of Corgi, the other is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and was bred to herd cattle and sheep. What about shedding? Cardigan Welsh Corgis are high shedding dogs that have short, dense … Read more