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Portuguese Water Dog laying down on a green table with blue sky in background.

Do Portuguese Water Dogs Shed? (Portie Shedding)

Portuguese Water Dogs are medium sized working dogs that were developed to help fisherman in Portugal in the 1930s. They excelled at tasks such as herding fish into nets, retrieving lost fishing equipment and sending messages between ships, and from ship to shore. These days, they’re best known as affectionate, trainable and eager to please

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Portrait of One West Highland White Terrier in the Park

Do West Highland White Terriers Shed?

West Highland White Terriers (or Westies) are small white coated Earthdogs that were used hundreds of years ago to hunt rats and other rodents in Scotland. Today, they’re more commonly known as loveable family pets and stars in the show ring. Do they shed? West Highland White Terriers don’t shed much, but it does take

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Typical Welsh Terrier standing on green grass

Do Welsh Terriers Shed Much? (Shedding Guide)

Welsh Terriers are an alert, spirited terrier of medium size that originates from Wales, where they were bred to hunt rodents, badger and fox. And thankfully, they don’t shed much. Welsh Terriers have a coarse, wiry top coat and a short, soft undercoat that sheds very little year round. However, they do require more effort

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Typical Irish Water Spaniel in the spring garden

Irish Water Spaniel Shedding (All You Need to Know)

Irish Water Spaniels are one of the tallest spaniels registered with the AKC. They were bred as gundogs in Ireland, so they excel at locating and retrieving game, particularly waterfowl. Aside from being brave and hardworking hunting companions, they’re also playful and love family life. And best of all, they don’t shed much hair! The

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Standard Schnauzer standing on green grass wearing scarf around the neck.

Do Standard Schnauzers Shed Lots?

The Standard Schnauzer is a medium-sized working dog from Germany that was bred for tasks like herding, hunting and guarding. But they don’t just thrive on the farm, they also make smart, spirited and loyal family companions. How much do they shed? Standard Schnauzers have dense, wiry outer coats and soft, thick undercoats that shed

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Happy little orange Havanese Dog sitting in the grass.

Do Havanese Dogs Shed Much?

Havanese is a small breed of dog that originates from Cuba, where they made pampered lapdogs for Cuban royalty. They’ve since become popular family companions all over the world, particularly in the United States. Do they shed hair? Havanese are a low shedding breed and are considered to be hypoallergenic for this reason. However, they

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