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Basset Hound dog laying on sandy beach.

Do Basset Hounds Shed Lots? (Basset Shedding 101)

Basset Hounds are scent hounds that were bred in France to help hunters track deer and rabbit, a task which they excelled at given their keen sense of smell and short-legged build. Today, they’re better known as being charming, laid-back family companions. Do they shed lots? Basset Hounds are a moderate to heavy shedding breed.

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White Irish Wolfhound standing tall in a field with trees in the background.

Do Irish Wolfhounds Shed? (Shedding Guide)

Irish Wolfhounds are a tall sighthound that was once used as a wolf hunter in Ireland. They are strong, courageous and independent, but make loyal and peaceful companions. What about shedding? Irish Wolfhounds shed an average amount of hair and, while they do have an undercoat, don’t shed seasonally like most double coated breeds. Brushing

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Greyhound running in field

Do Greyhounds Shed Much? (Helpful Shedding Guide)

Greyhounds are a large breed of hound with a history dating back to ancient Egypt. They’re also the fastest dogs on earth, and when they’re not running, love to be lazy couch potatoes. Do they shed lots? The Greyhound is a moderate shedding breed with a short, easy to maintain coat. They do lose more

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Whippet standing in park surrounded by green grass and trees.

Do Whippets Shed? (All About Whippet Shedding)

Whippets are a medium sized breed that is closely related to Greyhounds, which are racing dogs. They’re quick, gentle and make excellent house dogs. Are they heavy shedders? Whippets are a low shedding breed. They do shed a little bit of hair year round though, so they’re not considered hypoallergenic, but they’re definitely among the

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Two Saluki breed dogs on grass, one is standing while the other is sitting.

Do Salukis Shed Much? (Guide to Saluki Shedding)

Salukis are a sighthound that were once used by nomadic tribes to chase down prey, given how fast they can run. They are tall, elegant, somewhat aloof, and make loyal companions. How much hair do they shed? Salukis are a low shedding breed, which is good news if you want to adopt one, but don’t

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Scottish Deerhound runs on a beach.

Do Scottish Deerhounds Shed?

The Scottish Deerhound is a gentle giant that’s similar to the Greyhound and Irish Wolfhound. They’re known for loving short bursts of activity, as well as relaxation time with the family. Do they shed much? The Deerhound is a moderate shedding breed that sheds constantly throughout the year. And because they’re such a large breed

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