Do Chinese Shar-Peis Shed?

Chinese Shar-Pei walking on countryside road

Chinese Shar-Peis are an ancient dog that was bred by Chinese farmers to hunt, herd and guard their livestock. They’re a stocky, medium sized breed that is known to be loyal, affectionate and protective. Do they shed much? Chinese Shar-Peis have a short, rough coat that doesn’t shed very much. However, they do shed more … Read more

Do Shiba Inus Shed Much? (Here’s What to Expect)

A Shiba Inu dog standing on the sand of the beach while paying attention at something

The Shiba Inu is a small to medium Japanese mountain dog that was purpose bred for hunting. He makes an excellent companion as well as watchdog, given his keen senses and alertness. How much do they shed? Shiba Inus are a high shedding breed. They tend to shed fairly evenly throughout the year but they … Read more

Do French Bulldogs Shed Much Hair?

Happy french bulldog dog running on a beach

If you follow any celebrities on Instagram, you’ve most likely seen them posing with their cute French Bulldog. And it’s no wonder they’re one of the most favored breeds by celebrities – they’re adorable! And maybe you’ve been considering getting one for yourself. But one question remains that needs answering: do French Bulldogs shed much … Read more

Do Bulldogs Shed Much Hair?

English Bulldog standing on grass

There’s no mistaking a Bulldog. They’re short, muscular, and courageous, yet make great family companions given their calm temperament and loving nature. They’re also low maintenance and great around kids, which makes them well suited to indoor living. Do they shed much hair? Bulldogs shed a moderate amount of hair and typically more during spring … Read more

Do Tibetan Terriers Shed Lots of Hair? Let’s Take a Look!

Beautiful Tibetan Terrier dog standing on a sunny grass with blurred flowers at the back.

Tibetan Terriers shed almost no hair, so this is the perfect example of a low shedding breed. However they do require above average care when it comes to grooming, so you will need to spend some extra time brushing and grooming if you want his coat to be in top shape. Here’s what you need … Read more