Do Tibetan Terriers Shed Lots of Hair? Let’s Take a Look!

Tibetan Terriers shed almost no hair, so this is the perfect example of a low shedding breed.

However they do require above average care when it comes to grooming, so you will need to spend some extra time brushing and grooming if you want his coat to be in top shape.

Here’s what you need to know in more detail…

About Tibetan Terriers

As you might expect, the Tibetan Terrier originates from Tibet, a region within China. And despite his name and appearance, he is actually not a member of the Terrier group.

His lineage dates back thousands of years, when ancient Tibetans kept him for companionship, herding and guarding duties. Not to mention, as good luck charms!

The very first Tibetan Terrier came to Europe in 1922 and the first litter was born in 1924. At that time, they were known as Lhasa Terriers. However in 1930, the Kennel Club of India changed the name to Tibetan Terrier. He then made his way to the United States in 1956, and less than 20 years later, he was recognised by the American Kennel Club (in 1973).

Overall, he is known as a loveable, intelligent, affectionate and sensitive dog. One that not only makes for great human companionship, but also makes a great watchdog. With proper training, you should not have any problems introducing him to other family members (including dogs).

He’s also quite an energetic dog, so he does need regular exercise such as daily walks. However, he is also suited to living in an apartment, which will suit those of you who want a clean, low shedding ‘apartment friendly’ breed.

As with most dogs, successful training will come down to consistency and positive reinforcement. He can be a bit stubborn and mischievous, as with most breeds, but proper training and regular exercise will make sure you are the one in control and not the other way around.

The Tibetan Terriers Coat

The Tibetan Terrier has a heavy double coat. Which means he has an undercoat as well as a top coat.

The undercoat is what keeps him warmer in cooler weather and cooler in warmer weather. It is a wooly, moisture resistant coat, which makes him able to withstand a range of extreme weather conditions. This makes him quite a versatile breed, more than capable of withstanding harsh outdoor conditions.

His top coat consists of fine hairs that can either be straight or wavy. It is this long hair that gives him his unique style, and beautiful appearance. However this combination of undercoat and long top coat does mean more work to maintain.

In any case, his coat comes in a range of color combinations. Including either straight or a mix of black, white, gold, brindle and/ or sable.

Tibetan Terrier Shedding

Shedding Level

The Tibetan Terrier sheds a very low amount of hair.

In fact, he’s about as close to a ‘non-shedding’ breed as you will find. All dogs shed at least some hair, but you will hardly notice it with this guy. So he is particularly suited to those who suffer from allergies or who can’t stand loose hair floating around the home.

With that being said, he does shed more during seasonal changes (twice per year) which is normal. This is when he ‘blows coat’ so you will notice some shedding at these times. However nothing that can’t be minimised significantly with a proper grooming regime.

Grooming Your Tibetan Terrier

Grooming Effort

The Tibetan Terrier requires an above average amount of grooming.

This is due to the combination of a thick, wooly undercoat and a fine, long top coat. So you will need to ensure you groom him regularly to avoid matts and tangles, and to keep his coat in top shape.

A good quality slicker brush is great for removing stubborn matts and tangles, and a pin brush is good for brushing his outer coat. Whichever brush you decide to use, the most important thing is consistency. You really want to groom him regularly to remove debris and tangles, and to help spread the natural oils on his coat.

Also, most experts recommend bathing him once per month with a quality dog shampoo. Over bathing or using the wrong shampoo can cause dry and irritated skin, which in turn can cause excessive shedding. So this is super important.

Bottom Line

Thankfully, the Tibetan Terrier is not a heavy shedder. Which is great news for allergy sufferers and those of you who are looking for a hair free home!

However there is a trade off here, in that you will need to groom him more regularly than many other breeds. However a simple and consistent grooming regime will get the job done.

Hopefully this article has been helpful, feel free to drop a comment below if you want to share your thoughts.

Do Tibetan Terriers Shed Lots of Hair? Let\'s Take a Look!

4 thoughts on “Do Tibetan Terriers Shed Lots of Hair? Let’s Take a Look!”

  1. I groom my TT every day and she sheds like a lamb losing its wool. It’s over everything. I use a great shampoo and conditioner (Chi) with daily brush and comb out last 10-15 min. Nothing I do seems to help her.

  2. Thank you for great article.
    My Tibetan Trirrer shed almost nothing except when he’s stressed out.
    He’s so playfull and energic and by far the best dog i ever have.
    Benny the happiest dog ever.


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