Do Newfoundland Dogs Shed?

Big newfoundland dog sitting on the grass

Newfoundlands are large working dogs that originate from the Canadian province of Newfoundland. They are often referred to as a “gentle giant” given their size and calm temperament and are known for being courageous water rescue dogs as well as loyal companions. Do they shed much? Newfoundlands (Newfies) are a fairly high shedding breed with … Read more

Do Great Danes Shed Much? (All You Need to Know)

Woman playing with Great Dane dog on sand shore along water in sunlight

Great Danes are gentle giants that originate from Germany. They can be quite intimidating, and do make excellent guardians, but they also love people and are generally very easy going. Do they shed much? Great Danes are a moderate to high shedding breed. The reason they shed so much has a lot to do with … Read more

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Shed?

Bernese Mountain Dog playing outside

Most people, when they see dogs out in the snow, are overwhelmed with sorrow, pity, and compassion. But some dogs, like the Bernese Mountain Dog, were bred to withstand harsh climates. And that is partly due to their thick coats. So, do Bernese Mountain Dogs shed? Yes. As a double-coated breed with a long, thick … Read more

Do Doberman Pinschers Shed? Here’s What You Need To Know

Doberman Pinscher on the background of autumn trees.

Doberman Pinschers shed a moderate amount of hair. So while you should expect to see some excess hair floating around the home, it’s nothing you can’t get a handle on with a proper grooming routine. Especially since the Doberman’s coat is short and smooth, which will make your life a lot easier in comparison to … Read more

Do Black Russian Terriers Shed? (BRT Shedding Guide)

Black Russian Terrier running and playing in autumn.

The Black Russian Terrier, also known as the BRT, is a working dog. They were originally bred in the Soviet Union during 1940-1950 for military purposes.  However, in the late 1950s, civilian breeders started popping up and introducing the BRT to the general public. So they eventually made their way to other countries across the … Read more