Do Doberman Pinschers Shed? Here’s What You Need To Know

Doberman Pinschers shed a moderate amount of hair.

So while you should expect to see some excess hair floating around the home, it’s nothing you can’t get a handle on with a proper grooming routine.

Especially since the Doberman’s coat is short and smooth, which will make your life a lot easier in comparison to other dog breeds like the Black Russian Terrier when it comes to brushing.

Read on to learn more.

About Doberman Pinschers

The Doberman Pinscher (AKA Doberman) is a medium to large breed that was bred mostly by Louis Dobermann in Germany in the 1890’s, as his personal guard dog.

Louis was a tax collector. So as you can imagine he wasn’t very popular and needed some protecting in those days!

Anyways, the Doberman is an energetic, watchful and fearless breed, and they are among the smartest breeds in the world. You may think of the Doberman as an excellent guard dog, which they are.

But with proper training and care, they also make loyal family companions. So it is little wonder as to why he is a very popular breed throughout the US.

It’s worth noting that Dobermans can also be domineering and stubborn if left unchecked.

However, through consistency, you can train your Dobie to become very obedient. In fact, they enjoy pleasing their owner and pay very close attention to commands, so in this respect they are actually quite easy to train.

The Doberman Pinschers Coat

The Doberman Pinschers coat is short and smooth.

There may be a slight undercoat around the neck but other than that, this is a single coat breed. Which means there is no soft and ‘fluffy’ undercoat to worry about when grooming. Which makes your life easier when it comes to brushing and grooming.

The color of his coat is typically black, but they also have brown, red, blue, white and black and tan coats. He also has ‘rust marks’ (tan coloring) around his muzzle, chest and leg areas.

Doberman Pinscher Shedding

Shedding Level

Doberman Pinschers shed moderately.

Which means you will notice loose hair floating around the home. But thankfully not enough to drive you crazy as some breeds will.

There is a common misconception that if a dog has short hair (like the Doberman) you won’t have any issues with shedding.

But this is simply not true. You may notice less dead hair on the floor given the length of his coat, but he sheds the same as any other dog with long hair. All dogs shed to some extent. This is perfectly normal so there’s no getting around this.

However you can reduce excess shedding and one of the main ways you can do this is with a proper grooming routine.

Grooming Your Doberman Pinscher

Grooming Effort

Grooming your Dobie is super important if you want to reduce excess shedding. And thankfully, it is actually very easy to groom these guys.

Using a simple grooming mitt or slicker brush on a weekly basis is enough to keep his coat clean and get that shedding under control. Of course at certain times of the year when you notice he is shedding more frequently, you can up this to a daily brush.

Bathing is something you can do much less frequently.

One a month with a good quality dog shampoo is more than enough. You definitely want to avoid over bathing because this can actually strip out the natural oils in your dog’s skin and coat. Which in turn can lead to excess shedding.

In addition to a good grooming regime, a good diet is essential. You want to ensure you are feeding him high quality dog food with lots of essential oils to keep his coat in top shape and avoid dryness and irritation.

Bottom Line

The Doberman Pinscher is a moderate shedding breed with a short coat that is very easy to groom. He probably isn’t the first choice for those with a morbid fear of loose dog hair. But with a good diet and proper grooming, most will hardly notice the loose hair this family member drops.

Do Doberman Pinschers Shed? Here’s What You Need To Know

3 thoughts on “Do Doberman Pinschers Shed? Here’s What You Need To Know”

  1. My Doberman is losing a lot of hair to the point I don’t think it’s normal the amount he is losing you can make a fur coat out of it just in a couple of days and I’m not exaggerating it’s to the point I don’t even want it in my house anymore but it’s my husband’s dog and he won’t get rid of it any help would be appreciated as it’s to the point I would throw my husband out so he can take his dog with him

    • Hi Pauline,

      If you’re concerned the shedding isn’t normal, it might be worth contacting a qualified veterinarian. Because there can be health reasons as to why dogs shed as I explain in this FAQ about shedding.

      Other than that, it mostly comes down to proper diet and grooming, and this post on reducing dog shedding elaborates on this in more detail.

      Hope this helps!

    • Hello Pauline . I really hope you not going to throw away youe dear husband and his dog 🙂
      Saying that I understand your frustration.
      I have a dobermann and this one is number three. We live in a hot climate and my dog does shed. My solution is -1. groom him as often as I can but even couple of times a week would help; 2. Use hand held vacuum every morning around his bed and all over my bedroom. It’s quick and easy and I use Dison and it works perfectly. 3. I use sheets on a top of my bed and couch as protection and simply shake them outside to get rid of loose hair and wash it every week.
      But it could be underlying problem. You might need to see a Vet and possibly add some nutrients to your Dobermann’s diet.
      Please take 🙂 They are lovely dogs and do shed as any other dog ?


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