8 Beautiful Long-Haired Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed Heavily

Long-Haired Afghan Hound dog laying on the grass with lake in the background.

The undeniable majestic beauty of a long-haired dog makes these breeds highly sought-after, and the fact that they don’t shed much makes them even more appealing to invite home. So, which dog breeds are both long-haired and low-shedding? Here’s the list: Spanish Water Dog Silky Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Papillon Shih-Tzu Afghan Hound Lhasa Apso Briard … Read more

11 Short-Haired, Low-Shedding Dogs (Ideal No Fuss Breeds!)

Black Miniature Pinscher dog standing outside with lush green forest in the background.

If you’ve always wanted a dog with an easy maintenance coat due to its short fur and one that’s very low shedding, this list is exactly what you’ve been looking for. In this post, I’ll show you some of the best low-shedding, easy-to-groom breeds and give you a breakdown of each breed’s traits, shedding, and … Read more

11 Mixed Breed Dogs That Don’t Shed Lots

A mixed breed can be a bit of a “mixed bag” in terms of shedding given that it’s not purebred, but these dogs are so cute and lovable, and some can be super-low shedding. Which ones? Here’s a list: Cavachon Cockapoo Goldendoodle Shorkie Yorkipoo Morkie Shih-Poo Rottle Pomapoo Schnoodle Whoodle Before I get into this … Read more

9 Large Dogs That Don’t Shed (or Drool) Much

Large dogs tend to do more of everything, whether that’s drooling or shedding loose fur. But if you’d prefer a big dog that doesn’t salivate to excess and controls its shedding, what dogs could meet those criteria? Here’s the list: Briard Dog Standard Poodle Afghan Hound German Shorthaired Pointer Newfypoo Airedale Terrier Giant Schnauzer Cane … Read more

Do Dogs Shed More in the Summer?

Beautiful dog laying in the sand at the beach in summer wearing red sunglasses.

When summer arrives, we shed those winter layers. So you may be wondering if your dog is more likely to lose fur during the warmer months compared to winter? Dogs may shed more in the summer if they’re double-coated and undergoing seasonal coat changes because dogs blow their winter fur to stay cool. However, if … Read more

10 Small, Quiet Apartment Dogs That Don’t Shed Much

Do you live in an apartment? If so, then it makes sense if you can’t have a loud dog or one that will annoy the neighbors. Perhaps you’re also looking for a small dog who won’t mind the confines of an apartment complex? Oh, and a low-shedding dog would be great, too! Which dogs meet … Read more