Do Border Collies Shed Excessively? Get The Facts!

So, you're thinking of adopting a Border Collie and you want to know if it sheds too much hair?

If so, you've come to the right place. Here's what you need to know...

About Border Collies

These guys can be traced all the way back to the 'borders' of Scotland and England in the late 1800's and according to Wikipedia, the word 'collie' could mean 'useful' in the old Celtic language. Their original ancestor was named 'Old Hemp' which was a renowned sheep herder at the time. 

So "border" is where he's from, and "collie" means useful. The reason they've been dubbed useful is because they are brilliant at herding sheep. These are highly intelligent, energetic dogs and are very popular throughout the United States.

Given how smart and active they are, be sure to keep them on their toes paws. They can be a bit of nightmare if you leave them cooped up somewhere to occupy themselves. As in, they are know to chew holes through walls!

  • Double coat
  • Short or long hair
  • Smooth or rough depending on length
  • paw
    Typically black or brown and white, but other variations exist

Border Collie Shedding

This breed comes with two different types of coat. One has a shorter, more coarse coat and the other has longer coat. Both have an undercoat and a topcoat though (known as a double coat) which means they will shed seasonally. 

What is seasonal shedding?

Well, they grow quite a thick coat leading up to Winter for example, and 'blow coat' (shed excessively) as things start to warm up. It is during this time you will notice the majority of shedding but thankfully, it's not this bad year round!

It is common for working dogs to have a double coat as it protects them from extreme cold and, despite what you may have been told, it keeps them cooler in the hotter days as well. Think of the undercoat as being a bit like insulation.

Overall though, these guys are considered an average shedder so it's nothing to be too concerned about.

Amount of Shedding

Grooming Insights

There's nothing soft about these guys. They are rugged, hard working dogs.

As such, their coat only needs the usual care and attention. Nothing fancy. As long as you maintain a regular brushing and grooming routine you will be well and truly fine, as will he. Once or twice per week on the brushing side of things should do the trick, and a monthly bath will suffice in most cases. That's it.

As mentioned, they have a double coat so whatever you do, never cut his fur coat back! Despite what some well meaning owners think, this does NOT make them cooler or help them in any way. To the contrary, it effectively destroys their natural coat and can actually do irreparable damage. The undercoat is there for a reason. Keep it there. Brushing is all you need to do.

Amount of Grooming

Recommended Brush?

A basic pin/ bristle brush combo is all that's required for regular grooming.

That being said, there are some amazing tools you can use to significantly reduce shedding in this breed. You can never stop it altogether, but having the right tools can save you an absolute ton of time and stress in cleaning up all that fur!

That's it from us! Feel free to chime in below if you've got something to share...

Do Border Collies Shed Excessively? Get The Facts!

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