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Brown Pudelpointer dog breed standing on snow covered grass.

Are Pudelpointers Heavy Shedders?

Pudelpointers are German hunting dogs that were bred from a Poodle and Pointer, which are both fairly low shedding dogs. They are smart, friendly and eager to obey their master. How much do they shed? Pudelpointers have a medium length outer coat and a dense undercoat that sheds a low to moderate amount of hair

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The Corgipoo dog breed that comes from the Welsh Corgi and Poodle which are standing together in this portrait.

Do Corgipoos Shed Much Hair?

Corgipoos are a small designer breed of dog that is the result of mixing a Welsh Corgi (Pembroke or Cardigan) with a Poodle (standard, miniature, or toy). How much do they shed? Corgipoos are a low shedding, low maintenance breed with a wiry top coat and a soft, fluffy undercoat. Some claim they are hypoallergenic,

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Happy little orange Havanese Dog sitting in the grass.

Do Havanese Dogs Shed Much?

Havanese is a small breed of dog that originates from Cuba, where they made pampered lapdogs for Cuban royalty. They’ve since become popular family companions all over the world, particularly in the United States. Do they shed hair? Havanese are a low shedding breed and are considered to be hypoallergenic for this reason. However, they

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American Water Spaniel laying down resting.

Do American Water Spaniels Shed?

American Water Spaniels (also known as AWS) were bred as all-in-one hunting companions in Wisconsin during the 1800’s. They’re athletic dogs that love swimming and hunting. And thankfully, the AWS doesn’t shed much hair. However, they do have a double coat which means that, as with most double coated breeds, they shed seasonally. So you

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Portrait of Typical Norfolk Terrier dog outdoors.

Do Norfolk Terriers Shed? (All You Need to Know)

The Norfolk Terrier is a small British dog that was bred to hunt vermin and catch foxes. They are best known for being fearless, energetic and adventurous family companions. How much do they shed? Norfolk Terriers are a low shedding breed. They have a short-medium outer coat that is made up of harsh, wiry hairs

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Bichon Bolognese puppy playing on sofa.

Do Bolognese Dogs Shed? (What You Need to Know)

Bolognese (AKA Bichon Bolognese or Bolos) are a small breed of dog with a white, fluffy coat. They love people about as much as they love playing, and are nothing short of adorable. What about shedding? Bolognese don’t shed much hair at all. No dog with hair is ever completely non-shedding, but Bolos are about

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