Do Manchester Terriers Shed?

The Manchester Terrier is a small-to-mid-sized dog that was bred to hunt rats. With its sharp observance of the world and its bright personality, this watchdog can keep a protective eye on the family.

Are Manchester Terriers heavy shedders?

Manchester Terriers shed both seasonally and then regularly throughout the year. Yet thanks to the dog’s short coat that’s cropped close to its body, its shedding shouldn’t be out of control. That’s especially true if yours is a toy Manchester Terrier. Regular brushing lets you better manage this dog’s loose fur.

If you want to learn even more about the Manchester Terrier, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss how often this breed sheds, how to properly groom your Manchester Terrier, and whether this sleek dog is considered hypoallergenic.

Manchester Terrier Shedding

Manchester Terriers are a low to moderate shedding breed.

We’ve talked about some low-shedding dog breeds lately, but the Manchester Terrier doesn’t quite fit into that classification.

However, I wouldn’t say he’s high-shedding either. What’s for sure is that this London dog will definitely lose some hair.

How much hair we’re talking about depends on if yours is a toy Manchester Terrier or a mid-sized, standard variety. Smaller dogs have less fur to shed, after all.

Standard Manchester Terrier standing on a green grass lawn, side on view.
Standard Manchester Terrier
Close-up portait of a Toy Manchester Terrier standing outside.
Toy Manchester Terrier

Seasonal shedding generally happens twice per year. First, to gear up for the cold, long days of winter, your Manchester Terrier will shed its current coat to grow a thicker one.

In the summer, the opposite happens. The thicker coat falls off in exchange for a comfy, lightweight layer of fur. This is just like you switching over from a winter to a summer wardrobe or vice-versa.

How much fur loss will occur when the Manchester Terrier sheds seasonally? To answer that question, we have to take a closer look at this breed’s coat.

The Manchester Terrier’s black and tan coat is cropped close to its body. This better lets you see the defined musculature of the breed. Although its hairs are tight and dense, since the fur is short and the Manchester Terrier is single-coated, your home won’t be covered with fur during shedding season.

Besides its seasonal shedding patterns, the Manchester Terrier will lose fur throughout the year just as any dog does, and this year-round shedding is even more moderate.

Grooming Your Manchester Terrier

Keeping your Manchester Terrier groomed and happy is incredibly easy, which is great for busy dog owners.

Using a bristle brush, comb your Manchester Terrier’s fur at least once weekly. During its seasonal shedding periods, you might increase the frequency of brushing to twice or even thrice a week.

Brushing your Manchester Terrier encourages the dead fur to come out before it gets loose and begins coating your furniture and clothing. This will especially come in handy when the breed is actively shedding.

Rubber bristle brushes are gentle enough that combing your Manchester Terrier’s short-cropped fur won’t irritate the skin underneath.

By making bristle brushing a regular part of your dog’s care routine, their oil production could increase, which can limit the Manchester Terrier’s shedding even further. The dog’s already bright coat will also shine even more.

You can use a rubber grooming glove for the Manchester Terrier’s weekly maintenance as well. Since this dog has such short fur, it should be able to feel the full massaging benefits of the grooming glove.

The American Kennel Club calls the Manchester Terrier a “wash and wear” dog breed, so you generally shouldn’t have to bathe your canine companion all that often.

Brushing the Manchester Terrier should be enough to keep the dog clean most of the time. Yet if your dog begins to smell or you see dirt in their coat, then it’s time for a bath.

Trimming your Manchester Terrier’s coat won’t be necessary, but be sure to check the state of the dog’s nails every now and again. The nails can grow long and painful if not worn down by concrete and other hard surfaces.

A professional groomer can cut your Manchester Terrier’s nails if you’re uncomfortable doing so yourself.

Are Manchester Terriers Hypoallergenic?

As much as you love dogs, if they leave you itchy and sneezy because of allergies, then most dog breeds are not right for you.

You might gravitate more towards hypoallergenic breeds. Is the Manchester Terrier one of them?

Before we answer that, let’s just be clear on what hypoallergenic actually means. When something is hypoallergenic–dogs or otherwise–it means that thing is less likely to cause allergy symptoms. It doesn’t mean the symptoms disappear entirely.

Why is that? If you’re allergic to dogs, it’s their dead skin or dander that triggers the redness, swelling, and itching. Dander often sheds with fur, so the heavier-shedding the dog breed is, the less hypoallergenic they are.

So no, the Manchester Terrier is not hypoallergenic.

Although this breed doesn’t shed to excess, they still lose fur throughout the year, which means your Manchester Terrier will spread dander.  

Bigger dogs are considered less hypoallergenic since they have more surface area for skin to shed. Between its moderate shedding and its status as a mid-sized dog, those with an allergy to pet dander will have to shy away from the Manchester Terrier.

The toy Manchester Terrier could be an exception. Yet during its seasonal shedding times, your allergies may flare back up.

The Affenpinscher might be a better pick if you’re concerned about allergies. It’s a small, low-shedding dog that the AKC has called quite hypoallergenic.

Is a Manchester Terrier Right for You?

If you’re considering adopting a Manchester Terrier, but you’re not quite sure if this breed will fit into your lifestyle, this section will tell you everything you need to know.

The Manchester Terrier hails from Manchester, England, as its name tells you. Bred in the 19th century as a vermin remover, the Manchester Terrier was so good at its job that it got involved with the gruesome sport of rat-baiting until that was banned.

Interestingly, the Whippet is one of the Manchester Terrier’s ancestors, and the long-since-extinct Black and Tan Terrier is the other. It’s that latter dog that the Manchester Terrier learned how to pick off rats from, as the Black and Tan Terrier was highly regarded for such.

The Manchester Terrier is described by the American Kennel Club as observant, athletic, smart, and spirited. The toy Manchester Terrier weighs around 12 pounds and the standard size is about 22 pounds. This breed can reach heights of 15 to 16 inches.

Apartment dwellers can bring home a toy Manchester Terrier, but such close living quarters might be a little claustrophobic for the standard-sized breed.

Regularly exercising this dog is a must, so a spacious yard is always nice, but ultimately not necessary. You can always take your Manchester Terrier to the dog park instead.

The rat-hunting prey drive lives on in modern Manchester Terriers. While they won’t feel inclined to attack pets larger than them, that’s not the case with smaller animals. If you have hamsters, gerbils, or other rodents in the house, don’t introduce a Manchester Terrier. They can even try to hunt cats.

The Manchester Terrier is a good companion for humans of all ages. Just make sure you train your dog not to bark, as excessive barking is a trait that comes with being a watchdog.

Here’s a video of a Manchester Terrier puppy that shows how cute they are when they’re young!

Bottom Line

The Manchester Terrier is a black and tan dog that comes in toy and standard sizes. They shed seasonally and then throughout the year, but their short single coat makes them easier to manage than other shedding breeds. Grooming a Manchester Terrier’s short coat is also simple and quick.

With its love for people, its strong sense of loyalty, and its spirited personality, the Manchester Terrier could just win over your heart!

Do Manchester Terriers Shed?

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