Do Bull Terriers Shed Much?

Bull Terriers are well-built, playful dogs with an egg-shaped head. And even though they were built for battle, they make great family companions, especially with proper training, early socialization and plenty of stimulation.

What about shedding? Bull Terriers have short, easy-to-groom coats that don’t shed very much. Except twice per year during spring and fall, when they tend to molt more heavily for about two-to-three weeks.

Read on to learn more about how much these loveable eggheads shed and what they’re like to groom, so you know what to expect!

Bull Terrier Shedding – What to Expect

Bull Terriers are a moderate shedding breed.

Shedding Level

Throughout most of the year they don’t shed very much. However, during spring and fall, they tend to shed more noticeably. So, overall, we’ve rated them as moderate shedders.

The reason they shed more twice per year has to do with seasonal shedding. This is a normal occurrence in most dogs, they are simply shedding their thicker “winter coat” in spring as it is no longer needed in the coming summer months. And during fall they molt their lighter coat to prepare for the colder months.

Either way, the molting isn’t normally (anywhere near) as bad as a thick, double-coated dog like the German Shepherd. And given how short their fur is, when they do molt, it’s not as noticeable as breeds like this either.

The only caveat is that when dogs with short, smooth coats drop their fur onto your carpet, it tends to be more difficult to vacuum out than softer, woolier fur.

Either way, they’re not heavy shedders. But they aren’t the lowest shedders either, specially not compared with other terrier breeds, like the Boston Terrier or Irish Terrier for example. Nor are they the most suitable breed for those with pet allergies. So if you’re looking for a low shedding, hypoallergenic dog, the Bull Terrier probably isn’t for you.

The good news is, managing the shedding isn’t difficult. In a healthy Bull Terrier, it mostly comes down to proper diet and grooming.

With respect to diet, it’s important to make sure they are enjoying a healthy, well-balanced and high quality dog food. Not only can this lead to a happier and healthier dog, but this can lead to a healthier coat. Which in turn promotes stronger hairs that don’t fall out prematurely. So it’s worth speaking with your vet to select the most optimal dog food.

And once you have this dialed in, it mostly comes down to proper brushing and grooming. So let’s take a closer look at this now.


Bull Terriers are a very low maintenance dog.

Grooming Effort

They have a short, flat coat that is harsh to the touch and glossy in appearance, that comes in a range of colors.

The reason they’re so easy to brush is because of how short their coat is. They are similar to the Smooth Fox Terrier in this respect, all they need is a weekly brush with a bristle brush or rubber hand mitt to maintain their coat.

And doing so helps with shedding in a couple main ways:

  • Firstly, brushing helps to spread his skin oils evenly over the coat. Which helps prevent dryness and promotes a healthier, stronger coat.
  • Second, brushing removes the dead fur from the coat before it has a chance to fill your home. The really only need a quick brush once or twice a week to maintain their coat, but during shedding season, brushing more frequently can make a big difference.

Some use a deshedding tool during periods of heavier shedding, but this isn’t necessary, it more just saves you some time and effort. However, if you do use a deshedder, keep in mind that brushing too often can lead to skin irritation, and higher levels of shedding as a result.

It’s a similar story with bathing, too. They only need occasional baths, but bathing more often during shedding season can remove a lot of the old fur. Just be sure to use a good quality dog shampoo that doesn’t cause skin dryness and irritation, and know that bathing too often can strip his coat of the natural oils which won’t do you, or your pooch, any favors.

Other than brushing and bathing, there’s not much to it. It mostly comes down to basic care items such as nail trimming and ear cleaning.

Bottom Line

Bull Terriers truly are a unique and wonderful dog. Their playful, loveable, mischievous nature, and unmistakable wedge shaped head, makes them one-of-a-kind.

Overall, they shed about the same amount of fur as Dobermans and Bulldogs, and they’re about as easy to groom. So they’re not the most ideal dog for those wanting a low shedder, but considering how easy they are to brush, managing the shedding is pretty straightforward.

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Do Bull Terriers Shed Much?

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