Do Salukis Shed Much? (Guide to Saluki Shedding)

Salukis are a sighthound that were once used by nomadic tribes to chase down prey, given how fast they can run. They are tall, elegant, somewhat aloof, and make loyal companions.

How much hair do they shed? Salukis are a low shedding breed, which is good news if you want to adopt one, but don’t want to spend time cleaning up loose hairs. They’re also very easy to groom, a simple brush once or twice per week is enough to keep shedding to a minimum and help them maintain a healthy coat.

Let’s explore how much hair Salukis shed in more detail, as well as what they’re like to groom and what makes these beautiful hounds so special.

Saluki Shedding

Salukis are a low shedding breed. So, in comparison to most dog breeds, you won’t notice much hair floating around your home.

There are actually two types of Saluki coat.

One type is short and smooth all over, while the other has a mostly short coat, but feathering around the ears, legs and tail. Either way, both varieties have short, soft, silky coats that shed very little.

They are similar to the Afghan Hound, their close relative, in that they don’t lose much hair. But unlike the Afghan, they are much easier to groom because of how short their coat is.

So you kind of get the best of both worlds with a Saluki- a low shedder that’s easy to maintain. And to top it off, they are known for not having that typical “doggy odor” that many dogs have.

You will notice some hair though, because all dogs shed to some extent, unless they are completely hairless like the American Hairless Terrier. But a simple brush is all that’s required to keep this under control.

Are Salukis Hypoallergenic?

The term “hypoallergenic” is thrown around a lot when it comes to different dog breeds, and has caused some controversy over the years.

It basically refers to dogs that cause less allergies, not dogs that cause zero allergies. And, generally speaking, the more a dog sheds, the more allergens you’ll find around your home.

This is not because the hair itself is the problem, it’s not. The issue is actually the dried saliva and dander that attaches itself to the dog’s hair. And when those hairs fall out, and spread themselves around your home, the sneezing begins.

So, Salukis are low shedding, and therefor not the worst breed for allergy sufferers. As in, they’re certainly not as bad as breeds like the German Shepherd or Malamute for example. But they are not considered a hypoallergenic breed either, so there are better options to consider.

Some examples of hypoallergenic breeds, according to the American Kennel Club, are the Irish Water Spaniel, Poodle (multiple kinds), Wheaten Terrier and Mini Schnauzer.

What Are They Like to Groom?

Grooming your Saluki is a very easy to do and requires little effort.

All you really need to do is brush him once (maybe twice) per week with a bristle brush and that is enough to remove any loose hair and help keep his coat in top shape.

With that being said, the “feathered” variety that has longer hair around the ears, tail and legs can require a little more effort. In this case, you will want to take extra care to remove any matting in these areas with your fingers. Or a slicker brush can be very effective for this too.

As an added bonus to being low shedding and very easy to groom, Salukis are fastidious. So they typically don’t have a smelly “dog odor” coat, which means bathing is something you really only need to do occasionally.

Aside from brushing and bathing, regular grooming efforts will include trimming nails and teeth cleaning, but nothing more than most breeds. So they’re very low maintenance overall.

Reducing Excessive Shedding

There’s not really much you need to do to reduce how much hair your Saluki sheds, since this is already going to be very minimal.

However, for any loose hairs you do notice, brushing is going to be your best defence. If you’re noticing more hairs falling out than normal, a simple brush should do the trick.

Not only does this remove the dead hair from the source, and stop it from ending up on your floor and furniture, but it also helps to evenly distribute his coat oils which naturally promote a healthier, lower shedding coat overall.

One other important thing to look at is his diet. You really want to ensure your Saluki is enjoying a healthy, balanced diet in the form of a high quality dog food. One that is rich in vitamins, minerals and Omega 3’s that help keep his coat healthy.

With that being said, if you’re suddenly noticing more shedding and it seems to be extreme, there could be an underlying issue, in which case contacting your local vet might be worthwhile.

Should You Adopt a Saluki?

Salukis (or Persian Hounds) are a fairly large breed that belongs to the Hound Group of breed, along with its close relative the Afghan Hound and other hounds like the Basenji and Scottish Deerhound for example.

These dogs were bred to hunt. And, more specifically, Salukis are sighthounds, which means they hunt mostly by sight and are very quick.

They were bred by nomadic tribespeople thousands of years ago to hunt jackals, hares, foxes and gazelles among other prey for this reason.

So if they see a small animal running, don’t be surprised if they try to chase, and actually catch it! They are one of the fastest (and oldest) breeds on the planet, so it’s in their blood to do so.

With that being said, they are very gentle, loving, loyal to their master, and make great family companions. They’re also a fairly quiet breed so, despite needing lots of exercise, can make good apartment dogs. Especially since they don’t shed much or smell bad.

They can be a bit stubborn and independent at times though, so it’s important to get proper training. But that’s nothing to be concerned about, and well worth the effort to have such an amazing breed as part of your family.

Do Salukis Shed Much? (Guide to Saluki Shedding)

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